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Biological Psychology – Useful Links

1. Interactive Brain from CEMM (Center of Excellence for Medical Multimedia) Virtual Library

Both informative and user-friendly, this interactive brain is targeted at those interested in, and with loved ones affected by TBI. This useful resource allows the user to explore the anatomy of the brain. It offers a brief summary of each part of the brain and describes its function, with side and sectional views. There are accompanying videos that further describe some of the brain regions.

Interactive Brain

Sample screenshot from The Interactive Brain.

Link to Interactive Brain

2. Vision and The Human Eye from iKnow Digital Media

This page provides a variety of interactive materials that explore the anatomy of the eye. An interactive cross-section shows how each individual part of the eye contributes to vision. Video animations and 3D panoramas help to further describe the eye physiology and there isĀ also a short introduction to colour theory and perception together with a few examples of optical illusions.

Interactive Eye

Sample screenshot from Vision and The Human Eye.

Link to Vision and The Human Eye

3. The Human Nervous System (Neuroscience) from GetBodySmart

Tutorials and quizzes on the nervous system, using interactive media.

Interactive Nervous System 01

Screenshot of introductory screen, showing tutorials.

Choose an area of the human nervous system from the menu bar on the right hand side of the introductory screen, as shown above.

Interactive Nervous System 02

Sample screenshot from the nerve cell tutorials.

Select a tutorial from the right-hand side menu. Sample above shows a selection of various neuronal tutorials.

Interactive Nervous System 03

Sample neuron tutorial.

The interface provides a short tutorial with diagrams.

Link to The Human Nervous System (Neuroscience)